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Initial Consultation

Your initial appointment will last about 1 hour.


First of all, we will take some time to understand and record your current complaint(s) and symptoms as well as your past medical history including previous injuries and accidents.

We will also look at any relevant X-rays, CT scans, MRI reports, or blood test results, that you are able to provide.


After taking your full case history we will have a look at your posture while you are standing and sitting.

As part of the examination, we will perform some joints and muscles testings in order to assess the degree of mobility and muscle tone.

Some movements might feel uncomfortable, do not worry, we understand and we will adjust to your abilities.

Depending on the outcome of our examination, we might need to refer you for X-rays or ultrasound scans if we believe that your symptoms need further investigations.

If we feel comfortable with our findings during the examination, we will proceed with the treatment.

We will use different techniques to ensure a good functional range of motion of your joints, reduce muscular tensions and improve fluid dynamics in order to promote recovery.

At the end of the treatment, we will reassess your range of movement and posture and re-evaluate your symptoms.


We suggest that you pace yourself after a consultation to allow your body to process all the information from the session and give it time to recover.  Sometimes, you can experience increased tiredness, stiffness or an irritation of the problem you came in with. These are all normal reactions and they should subside fairly rapidly.  However, if they do not resolve in 24-48 hours or you are concerned then please contact us for further advice.



Follow-up Consultation

Follow-ups last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Follow-up visits might be necessary and will vary in number depending on the complexity of the problem you presented with

We will re-examine you and re-assess your current symptoms.  Depending on the outcomes of the first treatment and after discussing it with you, we might adjust our treatment plan and use different techniques if we feel we haven't made enough progress.



What about ACC Claims?

If your current complaint is the result of an accident, you may be able to claim ACC.  As we are ACC treatment providers we would be able to lodge an ACC claim for you.

If you already have an existing claim regarding your current symptoms, please bring with you the letter from ACC confirming your injury is covered or your ACC45 form (usually filled by a GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor or hospital staff as part of your discharge papers).



What do I need to wear?

We advise you to wear comfortable loose clothing. This is for your comfort as well as making it easier for us to perform some techniques. We might ask you to roll up your T-shirt or trousers to have a better look at your spine and legs. We will always ask your permission before and if there is anything you do not like, please let us know and we will always respect your decision.



We care about you and your well-being. If there is anything you are worried or concerned about, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

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