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Osteopathy is a manual therapy aiming at restoring the harmony within the body by reducing abnormal acute or chronic tensions.


The human body has the inherent ability to heal itself.  However, when restrictions or tensions are impairing natural movement, the body will tend to compensate for the lack of mobility leading to discomfort.

The body functions as one unit and the osteopath emphasise the importance of considering the person as a whole during examination and treatment.


In order to reduce these tensions, the osteopath will use a wide range of specific techniques to address different types of restrictions within the musculoskeletal, nervous or even the visceral (internal organs) systems.


A common misconception about osteopathy is that most people think the osteopath "cracks" bones.  Although joint manipulations are sometimes necessary to resolve restrictions, the clinician has a wide variety of more gentle techniques to reduce tensions and restore health in the body.  Osteopathy is safe and gentle enough to treat people of any age, from babies through to the elderly. 

Osteopathic technique on the Thoracic Spine
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